Tuesday, November 15, 2016

UK: Royal Navy to get rid of its anti-ship missiles to save money

(London) It has been revealed today that the Royal Navy has decided to get rid of its entire stock of Harpoon anti-ship missiles in which to save money. First to go will be the ship launched Harpoon missile systems found on every one of the Royal Navy 19 major surface combatant ships. Next to go will be the helicopter launched Sea Skuka light anti ship missiles1.

Now here is where it gets silly, the Royal Navy has no plans in which to replace the Harpoon with anything for the foreseeable future. The Sea Skuka will be replaced by the Sea Venom, but there will be at least a two year gap before it is brought on line. But the Venom is no Harpoon replacement. It is a lightweight Helicopter launched missile which has a max range of 20kms and carries a 30kg warhead. The Harpoon in contrast has a range in excess of 126 km and sports a 221 kg warhead.

It appears that years of political correctness by the ethical latte crowd is paying dividends , I know for a fact that by law nuclear submarines have to have a designated prayer room set aside in case they have a Muslim on board. (I was also told that the Muslim in question never used it and ate Bacon sarnies with the rest) and how we laughed when the leader of the socialist Labour party suggested that we should keep our nuclear submarines but not place any weapons on them.

Well he must be really chuffed on hearing that the Royal Navy will now no longer have anything in which to fight the other fellow. Talk about the blind leading the blind and we all thought the village people singing "In the Navy" was a right hoot.

Have to laugh at the official naval response to this news:
A spokesman for the Navy said: “All Royal Navy ships carry a range of offensive and defensive weapons systems. Backed by a rising defence budget and a £178 billion equipment plan, upgrade options to all our weapons are kept under constant review.”
How long before the Royal Navy will instruct their sailors to inform their enemies to keep away as they have a torpedo between their legs and they aren't afraid to use it. Well the Swedes are doing just that: