Friday, November 18, 2016

Austria: Islamic gang break Polish school girl's jaw, stupid twats film the attack

(Vienna) A 15 year old Polish girl was attacked in a shopping centre in the Kagran district of the Austrian capital of Vienna. -Which was in the news earlier in the year when it was revealed that so-called ‘Sharia police’ from the Muslim Chechen community in Vienna had been operating there-When she was set upon by a gang of young thugs from Chechnya after a girl she stood up to, accused her of pulling off another girls hijab in which to get the girl beaten up. Instead of fighting back, she let them beat her up knowing that if she fought back, she would have got worse. The most surprising part in her beating is when a young man decides to avenge his so called Islamic honour, nobody tries to defend her.

For her crime of being a non-Muslim, the young girl (Patricia) received a broken jaw. The 4 assailants have all been arrested, with the Police reporting that all of the thugs were known to them for having carried out similar attacks in the past.

Since the film aired, Austrian social media has been abuzz with disgust and anger aimed at the thugs, but especially the young man. This in turn has led the Chechen community to issue warnings to anybody who abuses or even attacks this intolerant Islamic thug. The Austrian Heute newspaper has reported of threats made by Chechen immigrants inside Vienna against the local population if they even as much as look funny at Abuu (the name of the misogynist. Islamic thug.)

Not only that, but according to the Chetchen community Abuu is the real victim and how naturally he is remorseful, because as a true Muslim he was brought up to respect women.

Abuu with his family came from Chechnya to Austria in 2004. At the age of seven, he was run over by a car and so badly injured in his head that he still needs treatments today. He compensates for his handicap with deep faith. It makes him an outsider....
"My mother was crying and my sister Diana was stunned because I was raised to respect women, then they took away my phone....I'm so sorry and it was a terrible mistake I myself do not know how that could happen, I went to the hospital to apologize to Patricia But her family sent me away, I hope she reads this... How much I regret.