Monday, November 14, 2016

UK: The liberal bBC is going to air the Muslim call to prayer on a Friday

(London) Tonight in London, the British Prime Minster spoke at her first Lord Banquet speech to tell the political class (post Brexit, Trump) to never again to take the people for granted.

It appears that across the Western world, years of left-wing bigotry — Israel evil, America evil, white people evil, Britain evil — where positive discrimination turns a blind eye to Islamic terrorism — sorry, militarism — where black thugs can only be seen as... victims and where computer hackers arrested whilst up to no good are all victims of Asperger's, has seen a huge backlash by the average Joe sick of being labelled a bigot.

Well, apparently, the left still can't see that they have pissed off the people who fund their way. Which is why the bBC, in response to liberal allegations that it is biased toward Christianity, is looking at airing the Islamic call to prayer in which to right this huge disservice to the world's number 1 religion of peace.

Yesterday, the bBC spent all day promoting black British day, and they capped it off with a damning report that a black child is 12 times less likely to become the British Prime Minister than a white child who, according to them, are all wealthy and went to a posh university. Here, don't take my word for it, watch the 2 minute soundbite they knocked out in which to promote their stupid cause.

So, I started off with the story that the British PM has told the political elites not to take the plebs for granted, but you can see that the left don't want to listen. In their eyes, anybody who doesn't do as they demand can only be a racist, bigot and evil, who shouldn't be allowed to vote as they can't be trusted. So much for equality for all, freedom of expression and one man (woman) one vote.

Oh, as for the stories above from the bBC: The UK has a population of around 64 million, of which 5% are Muslims and 3% are black. Maybe those percentages will help explain why the country is predominately Christian and why the odds on a black person becoming PM is a lot higher than a white person. But to the luvies, it's all about identity politics.

And then they bitch why the normal average person is rejecting their so called liberal ways.