Wednesday, November 30, 2016

India: Terrorists storm army camp, murder 7

(Kashmir) Pakistani backed Islamic terrorists have continued their blood fest against the Indian people by storming an army camp. Disguised as policemen, 3 terrorists entered the army camp situated in the town of Nagrota (around 12 miles from the border with Pakistan) at 0530 hrs and decided to attack the officers' mess with hand grenades before doing what Islamic thugs do bes - targeting women and children whom they sought out in married accommodation in the camp. With 16 people taken hostage (two women, two children and 12 soldiers), the Indian army sent in the troops, killing all 3 terrorists.

The Nagrota base, which is home to 1,000 officers and their families, is one of four command centres in Jammu and Kashmir.

Last time Islamic terrorists sneaked across the border from which to attack India, Pakistan was bitch slapped big order by its much bigger neighbour. Yet the death wish ingrained into Islamic DNA has seen yet another terrorist attack carried out by Pakistani sponsored elements. Now, the thing is, both sides are nuclear armed nations, and how long before Pakistan decides to up the ante? Naturally, its Chinese puppet master would be most pleased.