Tuesday, November 1, 2016

UK: Muslims complain that Parliamentary inquiry into Sharia law courts is Islamophobic

(UK) The UK, like most other Western countries, has seen a rise in its Islamic population. As the vast majority of these Muslims are usually imported rather than than home grown, they tend to hold onto vestiges of practices which in the West should not be allowed to see the light of day. However, due to the useful idiot brigades, honour killings, FGM, racism and gender, religious and racial abuse that are ingrained into these new communities have been allowed to flourish in the Petri dish of political correctness.

One such example is the growth of Sharia law courts which have been allowed to operate in parallel with our laws. In the UK, this has raised concerns, as report after report has shown them to place vulnerable groups at a disadvantage during their so called divine inspired judgements. The irony here is that the so called liberal elite who demand that Sharia law should be made legal in the UK fail to acknowledge that in every country around the world where Sharia has become law, human rights abuses become the norm, and yet the very people who scream out human rights injustices whenever a non-white person is stopped on the street by the police, have no problem with religious police whipping a woman for standing too close to her boyfriend, whipping men for drinking alcohol, watching the TV or even listening to music. Why in Nigeria, women have been banned from riding behind males on bikes.

So back to those concerns, the British Parliament has set in motion Parliamentary inquiries into Sharia courts in the UK, and guess what, the Islamic population have complained that the British are racist and Islamophobic for doing so. And the people complaining the loudest... are Islamic women. You couldn't make it up if you tried, could you?