Friday, November 18, 2016

Saudi Arabia bans non-Islamic holidays

(Riyadh) How many times have you heard somebody or someone demand that we respect the wishes of Muslims living in the West:

Here in the West, we are dictated to by the liberals in which to accommodate others , in which to help them 'integrate', however all we have seen is they have used such in which to force their way of life onto the majority population. Anybody who objects is vilified as a racist by the ethical latte crowd.

However in Islamic countries , minority faiths are simply not accommodated, which is strange as the very people who refuse to acknowledge  anything which is Non-Islamic are the same folks who scream human rights when denied to promote their faith in Non-Islamic countries. which is why Saudi Arabia has banned any recognition of Non-Islamic holidays from their School system. 

The ban includes forbidding schools from permitting students to take holidays on such occasions or changing the dates of exams to suit non-Islamic holidays. The Ministry of Education has also warned that all schools must stick to the academic calendars for exams and holidays. While state-owned schools only mark Islamic holidays, international schools had the luxury of allowing students to have Christmas and Easter holidays. The Ministry of Education has also warned that action will be taken against schools that violate the ban, which could result in the school’s licence being revoked.

The Saudi government has previously banned schools from allowing Shia Muslim students to take exemptions from school or their exams during Ashura. This sparked protests across the country. It is estimated that 10 to 15 per cent of the Saudi native population follows the Shia sect of Islam.