Thursday, November 17, 2016

Syrian War Report – November 16, 2016: Russia Launch Air Raids and Missile Strikes on Terrorists

(Syria) The Russian Air Force began extensive air raids on Islamist rebels in the countryside northwest of Aleppo city. Targeting rebel-held positions in the Anadan Plain, Russian airstrikes were observed over Kafr Hamra, Haritan, Ma’arat al-Artiq, Anadan and Dahrt Abd Rabo. According to a military source debriefing Al-Masdar News, one of the airstrikes struck a militant convoy – believed to be delivering weapons – along the Gazi Ayntap road.

Elements of the Syrian Arab Army’s (SAA) Tiger Forces, those deployed on the Handarat axis, fired missiles into the aforementioned areas while regular SAA troops stationed at the Al-Zahra artillery base likewise provided shelling. Russian reconnaissance drones have been flying over the Anadan Plains in recent days, surveying insurgent movements in the region.In the coming days, following a significant military build-up in the city, the SAA is expected to launch an exceptionally large-scale offensive in Aleppo. However, specifics on the military plan, to be code-named operation ‘Northern Storm’, are yet to be disclosed. Meanwhile, rebel sources said joint Russian and Syrian airstrikes over rebel-held eastern Aleppo killed dozens on Wednesday, including some collateral damage.