Thursday, November 17, 2016

So called Islamic fears after Trump?

All bloody week, the media have been pushing story after story about the awful conditions Muslims have to live under in the nasty evil racist, bigoted United States of America  before and since the win for Donald Trump as presidential elect.

There's lots more stories, which try to promote the view that Muslims are the new Jews (Shades of Nazis Germany) in the US. We had the same here in the Uk (And still do) Of course the doom merchants received a shot in the arm after the FBI published their hate figures for 2015 and shock horror the ethical latte crowd have been quick to point out the 67% surge in hate crimes against Muslims .

So lets look at these claims that Muslims have it bad in the US. Lets ask ourselves a few questions:
  1. How many Muslims were killed in the US in 2015?
      A) 3. Deah Shaddy Barakat, 23, his wife Yusor Abu-Salha, 21 and her sister, Razan Abu-Salha, 19 were murdered by a neighbour (Craig Hicks) over a parking dispute. Was he a racist. maybe, but the fact remains he had no problem pulling a gun out on anybody, not just Muslims. But because the victims were Islamic the left and the media labelled this as a Racist hate crime against Muslims.
    2. How many Non-Muslims were killed in the US by Muslims in 2015?

So, lets look at the past 6 months, 3 Muslims murdered in Queens,(by Latin Americans)  but over 50 people were murdered with another 53 injured by a Muslim in Florida.

Now lets look at that 67% rise in hate crime against Muslims in 2015 as released by the FBI
The FBI report shows there were 257 anti-Muslim incidents involving 307 victims last year. That's 103 more incidents than during the same period the year before. The population of the US is around 330 million and the Muslim population is about 3 million. Whilst I will say 1 incident is 1 too many. 257 (reported incidents) out of a population of over 3 million doesn't say to me 'Racist country' especially when on the other foot 19 people were murdered by Muslims in the same period with another 19 shot. Why, here is a story of an American family who were physically attacked by a Muslim (In the US) for the crime of flying the US flag.

So is the US really an intolerant place where Muslims live in fear? Well after numerous terrorist attacks in the US since 2001 where thousands of non-Muslims have been killed by the followers of Mohammed, I'd say no. which is why I have to laugh at the liberal idiots who decided to don hijabs at East High School in which to protest (Yes Protest) the win for Donald Trump as a means in which to express their solidarity with their Islamic school mates. Here is a video of Islamic women in Iraq who once freed from the clutches of Islamic bigots expressed the view that covering up for Allah isn't a human right. I'd make these admirable , but bloody misguided students at East High watch this video and the rest about how women in true Islamic countries feel about been made to cover up for Allah.

Oh and according to that FBI list of Hate crimes in the US, the religious group which saw the most attacks against them in 2015....People of the Jewish faith. which at 664 incidents and 731 victims numbered twice as many as the followers of Islam did. But for some strange reason the US Islamic pressure group CAIR failed to mention that snippet in their bitchfest the other day about how Muslims are the only victims in the village. (That last link perfectly encapsulates the victim culture shoved down our throats on a daily basis by the politically correct enlightened minority)