Wednesday, November 9, 2016

US: Liberal sore losers

(Washington, DC) What is it with liberals and bitching about things that haven't gone their way? When Bush junior won the presidency in 2000, they claimed he stole the election. In Europe, when Denmark and Ireland voted against the wishes of the EU, they made them vote again. Which is exactly what the liberals are trying to get the UK to do, in which to get their way. Isn't it funny that in 1956, when Hungary wanted out of the USSR zone of influence, they sent their tanks in, in which to bring back into the fold a wayward country. Here in the EUSSR, the liberal elites simply use the law (a law they wrote) to achieve the very same thing.

Isn't it ironic that the liberal elites who claim to defend freedom of expression, equality for all and that everybody has a right to be free, when they find things aren't going their way, bitch the loudest? And so it is with their character assassination of Donald Trump (DT). So many people here in the UK have tried to paint the picture to me personally that DT is evil incarnate. I've refused to comment stating that the US elections have nothing to do with me, but rather it is a subject for the American people to debate. Well, DT won yesterday, and today just as the liberals elites bitched in the UK when we voted out of the EU, the liberals have bitched about Trump. Which is why students at the American University in Washington, DC decided to have a little get-together and publicly burn the US flag.

Just what is it about Western liberals hating what they see in the mirror and their inability to recognise that they have become what they hate the most — intolerant bigots?