Thursday, November 10, 2016

Ireland: Violent Islamic jihadist locked up in Egypt made out to be a victim

(Cairo) In August 2013, the children of the head of Islam in Ireland (Hussein Halawa) decided to bugger off to the mother country - Egypt - in which to join the protests against the military government which had just kicked the Muslim Brotherhood out of power. Once there, there were fĂȘted as royalty, which isn't strange, seeing as their father is Muslim Brotherhood royalty. Which is why they were allowed (well, the men at least) to preach to a crowd of Muslim Brotherhood supporters.

However, the Muslim Brotherhood and their thugs couldn't hold onto power and they retreated to those so called Islamic redoubts - the mosque - in which to hope that in their hour of need Allah would come to their salvation.

Caught up inside one such mosque were the Halawa siblings who claimed that they just happened to be on holiday in Egypt when the shit hit the fan, and as good Muslims they sought shelter inside the nearest mosque which was then attacked by the nasty evil Egyptian police. The thing is that their story doesn't explain this jihadist video from inside that mosque by Ibrahim Halawa where he states he is willing to die for the cause:

Well, he didn't die that day, but he was arrested and 3 years later he is still picking up soap inside the prison showers. However, according to the Irish and British media, he can only be a victim. First of all, they have removed all of the above information from their reporting on this Muslim Brotherhood thug. According to them, he is an innocent child arrested whilst on holiday. Here are a few of those news reports:

Irish teenager jailed and tortured in Egypt faces death sentence in days

Ibrahim Halawa's family issue plea to Irish government

Trial postponed for fifth time as Ibrahim pleads ‘They’re killing me here, they’re torturing me’

Isn't it funny how somebody who proclaims he is ready to die for his country (Egypt) is bitching about bending over in the prison showers? Also funny is how this so called Irish citizen flew out to Egypt on an... Egyptian passport which his sisters, holding yet another protest in Dublin, conveniently forgot to mention:

Well, the liberals are out in force yet again promoting the view that this man can only be a victim, that he wants to return to Ireland in which to continue his studies, and the Irish are racist for not doing as they are told to by the followers of the religion of peace. Shouting the loudest is the political wing of the IRA, which may explain why Ireland has become so polarised against the USA and Israel.

And to think that for years so many Americans supported the IRA financially, which, like all terrorist groups, has gone around and bit the hand that fed them by supporting Islamic terrorism.