Monday, November 21, 2016

UK: Muslim father demands apology after he finds out flu vaccine contains pork gelatine

(UK) The NHS in the UK is a collective health service where everybody chips into it (well, the British and non-British tax payers at least) and everybody benefits. Which is why in order to prevent the influenza virus becoming prevalent during the winter months, vulnerable people are vaccinated. (children, pensioners, asthmatics, etc.). The in thing at the moment is the nasal spray, where the patient is given a spray up the nose (rather than a jab).

Well, Mohammadda Shah from Bradford isn't happy, as he found out after his daughter Raghad (really?) was given a dose at the doctors and then he found out later that the spray may have contained highly refined gelatine which could have had a pork source. He opined to the local paper:
Pork within the Muslim faith cannot be consumed in any form and it strictly prohibited. They only stopped offering the treatment to Muslim families after we brought it to their attention. When I went into the surgery to discuss it, I was just fobbed off.
Mr Shah wants an official apology and an investigation into how many other families may have been affected. The Peel Park surgery has now stopped giving the vaccination.

And there, people, lies the reason why Muslims always top the leagues in ill health around the world. Because they don't care about their children. I mean your children are your pride and joy and you will die in which to keep them safe. Yet to the Islamic community, subscription to the tenets of their faith laid down over 1600 years ago must come first. The irony here is, when it comes to selling alcohol (and in Bradford drinking it), doing drugs, rape, murder and the rest which are forbidden by Islam, a lot of Muslims have no problem breaking their religious straitjacket. But when the chance for a claim comes up, why, it's a human rights issue.