Saturday, November 19, 2016

Russia: 'The Jews' knew Donald Trump would win US election

(Moscow) Russia’s foreign ministry spokeswoman has claimed “the Jews” knew Donald Trump would win the US election. Maria Zakharova  was talking on a Russian TV chat, Ms Zakharova was speaking about her visit to New York to attend the UN General Assembly in September, Keen to find out what Americans were thinking in the run up to the general election, she claimed the best thing to do was to “talk to the Jews, of course”.

At this, the studio audience reportedly applauded.

Putting on a mock-Jewish accent, the 40-year-old said Jewish people had told her: “‘Understand this – we'll donate to Clinton, of course. But we'll give the Republicans twice that amount.’

It appears that Old Mother Russia is really bending over backwards in which to make those Arab arms sales. Here's a current news story in Iran:

Russia and Iran are in talks over a $10 billion arms deal.