Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Former Israeli ambassador to US Michael Oren recommends thinking twice about buying French products

BDS is a two-way street, bitches.
(WJD) Former Israeli ambassador to the U.S. and Member of Knesset Michael Oren is recommending a counter-boycott against France following the country’s decision to label products made in Israeli settlements.

Oren told Breitbart Jerusalem that the French decision is a ludicrous double standard. “There are 200 territorial disputes in the world but the EU has chosen to single out Jews,” he said.

“Europe has a particular history of labeling Jewish goods. All of which leads me to say this is not just an anti-Israel measure, it is an anti-Semitic measure,” Oren continued. “It is simply a gratuitous marking of Jewish goods.”

He also pointed out that the decision casts an absurdly wide net, saying, “They’re also demanding that Jewish goods from the Golan Heights—where there is not a single Palestinian and neither is there a country called Syria with which we can change territory for peace—be labeled.”

The French ambassador to Israel criticized Oren’s recommendation of a counter-boycott, noting that boycotting Israel is illegal in France. Oren responded that if the ambassador has a problem with Jews refusing to buy French products “she should hang her head in shame.”