Sunday, November 20, 2016

Egypt: ISIS beheads two Islamic holy men whom they claim were Christian priests

(Cairo) ISIS bigots in the Egyptian Sinai decided to behead 2 Christian priests, as per their evil bent, they filmed their ugly deed and then uploaded it to the net. Now we find out that the so called Christian priests were actually Islamic. The first victim has been identified as blind Sufi sheikh Suleiman Abu Heraz who was abducted two weeks ago from his farm south of the peninsula's town of el-Arish. The second man was identified as sheikh Said Abdel-Fattah, a leading religious cleric who was abducted a month ago.

What a bunch of evil wankers ISIS where they are now excusing their murderous bent by lying about their victims, and here in the UK, left-wing arseholes demand we should talk to these evil bastards. I wonder who would be the first to fly out and sit across a table from these evil bastards?