Thursday, November 17, 2016

North Korea offers hand of friendship to Trump, but only if the US leaves South Korea.

(Pyongyang) The fat dictator inside the odious hermit kingdom of North Korea, has ordered his minions to offer the hand of friendship to US presidential elect Trump, in which to secure peace in the region. However that olive branch does come with the price of removing the US presence from Korea. The thing is, when the US did that the last time, North Korea invaded in 1950. Mind you in 1950 the US wouldn't allow South Korea to have anything bigger than a machine gun in which to defend themselves which is why the 250 odd T34 tanks which Russia just happened to have given the north made such rapid progress until US M26 tanks evened the score.  Today South Korea has a military which puts the much larger North Korean armed forces in the shade. Comprising primarily of antiquated Russian weapon systems, the South, whilst getting a bloody nose, would wipe the floor with its wayward sibling next door with its vastly superior military.

Which kind of explains the peace offer to the US . Which would allow the North to offset its military disadvantage by using its Nukes in which to bully the South into submission, just like NK used the T34 in 1950. Makes you wonder if the fat pocket dictator has the same self-esteem issues his equally fat father and his god complex grand father had?