Friday, December 23, 2016

Who are the real haters out there?

(US) So did you hear about the incident on Thursday where a gay Jew and his husband who were so offended by having to share a flight with the daughter (Ivanka Trump) of Donald Trump and her family (husband and three children) that he decided to unload on her in front of her children. Rather than lower herself to his level, she simply kept her children happy and ignored him.

The crew, on hearing this outburst, threw the unhappy gay couple off of the flight, whereupon they resorted to victim mode in which ink the water (like the cephalopods they are... spineless) in which to mask their escape and allow them both to scuttle into the nearest dark hole for safety.

Just what is it about the left who feel they have the right to vent their spleens in the most intolerant and abusive manner in which to prove a political point? Is it right to attack a person in front of her 3 young children simply because you don't agree with the politics of their relatives?

That got me thinking, as a brown skinned person with an Islamic name, can you imagine the outcry from this gay couple if I simply sat behind them on a vehicle (plane/train or automobile) and simply uttered phrases in Arabic. As gays and Jewish, do you think the pair would have felt uncomfortable?

Well, funny enough that's exactly what happened the other day to a British Muslim who presumed it would be funny to walk up and down a plane uttering in Arabic, so he and his mate got dumped on the runway, and he not only got to play the victim card, but so called liberals defended him by promoting a boycott delta agenda.

So with all these allegations of right-wing hatred across the land (UK and US), why is it that we have seen far more examples of extreme left-wing hatred than right-wing? Could the left be lying?