Friday, December 16, 2016

Germany: Christmas present of a nail bomb left at market by ungrateful Iraqi child

(Ludwigshafen) A 12-year-old German born child to Iraqi parents apparently isn’t happy with living among the kufer in Germany. So he left behind a nail bomb inside a rucksack at a Christmas market last month in which to share the joy of Islamic intolerance with the people who took his family in, and another at the town hall.

Thankfully, the rucksack failed to explode and the town hall bomb was found before it could go bang and was defused by the bomb squad. Prosecutors said no formal proceedings would be launched against him because he is below the age of criminal responsibility.

Myself, I would deport the entire family back to Iraq in which to send the message to others that in order to live in the West you have to respect our ways or else. Faced with the prospect of actually having to work for a living and not live off benefits paid for by others, you can bet your bottom dinar that Muslims living in the West would soon start weeding out jihadist idiots within their family circles.