Thursday, December 1, 2016

Germany:Syrian teen who screamed she was thrown off a tram for wearing a HIjab, caught out as a liar.

(Berlin) On Tuesday a 14 year old Syrian teen made a complaint to the police that she was thrown off a tram in Berlin because the driver objected to her headcovering by airing his 'Islamophoiba' over the tram tannoy system that he wasn't going to move off with her on board. As this is the West where Muslims can only be seen as victims this was quickly picked up by the Media:


The Berlin Transport Company (BVG), which promotes itself as young, hip and liberal, told Tagesspiegel it was looking into the incident. Examination of the relevant CCTV footage would last until Thursday, Well its Thursday (well it was when I typed this out) and here is what the company has to say. That after reviewing video footage, they believe that the driver asked her to leave the tram because she was eating a Döner kebab, something which is against their regulations, the Berliner Morgenpost reports.
“On the video you can see that two girls get onto the tram and then open a Döner kebab, each while the driver apparently announces that they can’t do that,” 
Here is the screen dump of the Morgenpost which the net translated:

I wonder if this youth will have the book thrown at her for lying, because if their had been no video, the driver certainly would have and given more ammo to the ethical latte brigade that Non-Muslims can only be racist. (And I'm some with Brownskin and a Muslim name saying that)