Saturday, December 10, 2016

Nigeria: Suicide bomber kills 57 in crowded market

(Madagali) The toll from a double suicide bombing in a marketplace in north-east Nigeria has risen to 57 dead and 177 wounded.

120 children are among those wounded when two women suicide bombers blew themselves up Friday at opposite ends of the market in the town of Madagali. Blame has been attributed to Boko Haram Islamic bigots. Since the military has dislodged the insurgents from towns and villages this year, they have been attacking soft targets which would explain an attack on a market, where normal people are simply going about their normal day to day business.

The irony here is Boko Haram claims to be fighting their bad fight in which to install Sharia law in Nigeria. Yet the fact remains that not only is the area where they are rife is in the Islamic half of Nigeria, but it has been run under Sharia law since 1999.