Saturday, December 10, 2016

UK: ISIS supporter Abdul Hamid jailed in UK

(London) 31-year-old Bangladeshi born Abdul Hamid has been jailed in the UK for being a racist bigot.

Abdul Hamid
It appears that Abdul thought was OK to berate Muslims who tried their best in which to assimilate into the UK:
“Moderate Muslims are really non-Muslims, pure sell-outs and traitors. When Sharia is implemented worldwide, moderate cockroaches will be smoked out, they will be exterminated, and incinerated.”
He objected to women having equality:
“Women, know you place and position”, and said. “No people will ever succeed who appoint a woman as their leader”.
And he hated living in a non-Islamic nation by referring to Western people as:
“evil, hypocrites, narcissists, arrogant, and devils”.
The authorities let him get away with the above, because as we all know rabid Islamist Muslims must be treated as victims. But when he started airing ISIS propaganda videos on Facebook even the ethical lattes drinkers at the home office and Scotland Yard said enough is enough and so they nicked (arrested) him.

In court, his brief cried out that Abdul was a victim and that he should be given a suspended sentence, but the judge, while accepting that Abdul was a sandwich short of a picnic, stated he had to send a message to the rest of the followers of the religion of peace in which to send the message that religious bigotry as mandated by the holy Koran is not acceptable.