Saturday, December 17, 2016

Tunisia; Hamas drone expert shot dead

(Tunis) Mohammed Zawahri came to very sticky end on Thursday when somebody decided to shoot him 20 times as he sat in his car in the south of Tunisa.

Whilst nobody knows exactly who decided to pull the trigger on this murderous bastard, naturally the lefts favourite terrorist outfit ‘Hamas’  have pointed the finger of blame at Israel when they admitted this world renowned expert on drone technology (Trained in the finest universities in Iran I hear) belonged to their military wing and declared a day of mourning over the death of Mohammed.

I have to admit, I have to laugh at how Tunisia’s EnnahdaIslamist party is claiming that this single killing has endangered the country’s stability.  Whilst the 3 terrorist attacks carried out last year claiming 73 innocent lives and injuring over 100 more didn't. Yup trust the religious bigots in the country to only shed tears when one of their own gets slotted.  In respect for this so called expert on UAV technology I dedicate a song to his honour.