Thursday, December 8, 2016

UK: London Underground to get rid of 'Ladies and Gentlemen' during announcements

(London) The mayor of London has stated he is going to do away with the term 'ladies and gentlemen' after a transgender person complained that she was mocked during a phone call.

19-year-old he to she transsexual Aimee Challenor claimed that during a phone call to London Underground, regards her Oyster card, staff exclaimed that she didn't sound like a woman. That remark saw Aimee report a complaint to the London mayor about being mocked over her gender, and he in turn has decided that the only way forward is to make all announcements on the London Underground 'gender neutral' by getting rid of 'ladies and gentlemen' from any future announcements, and implement extra training for all staff. All because a transgender man to woman took offence at how somebody questioned her over the phone (yes, the phone) that she didn't sound like a woman.

Miss Challenor's complaint was brought up at the Greater London Authority by Green Party member Sian Berry, who stated that many people would welcome the removal of ‘ladies and gentlemen’ from announcements. She said:
‘Gender neutral announcements will make a difference not just to trans people but to everyone who thinks being greeted as ‘ladies and gentleman’ is out of date.’
Now, I have no problem with people locked in the wrong body, nor do I have any issue with homosexuals. Yet I do with petty little people who find offence at anything which impacts on us all.

Here is Miss Aimee Challenor on video bitching about the British government. If you were on the dog and bone and she claimed to be a woman, would you question that? I know I would. That isn't discrimination, nor is it mocking somebody, it's asking a valid question. Yet to the ethical latte brigade it's a hate crime. Pathetic.