Saturday, December 24, 2016

Turkey: List published of armour lost on failed assault on the town of Al-Bab

Yesterday I posted an article about how the Turks, having lost a lot of their experienced military commanders to the purges carried out by the pocket (Erdoğan) dictator in charge after the failed coup by a very small number of the army/air-force, have messed up something rotten with Turkey's adventure into Syria. The current direction of advance is simply to prevent the Kurds from linking up and the town of Al Bab is what they require to take in which to do just that.

I posted that the Turks had lost 4 Leopard 2A4 tanks to ISIS (captured actually). Well, it appears I was a little out, here is a list of the armour losses the Turks have suffered trying to take Al-Bab.
The breakdown is as follows:

10 x Leopard 2 A4

1 x M60T (Israeli upgraded M60 tank)

2 x ZMA Combat vehicle

1 x GZPT APC (Just a different version of the vehicle above)

1 x Cobra armoured car

For a nation that not only has impressive air power, including dedicated attack helicopters but the largest UAV fleet in the region, I'd hazard a guess to say that not even the most incompetent commander could have lost so much for so little. Kind of explains why Turkey has bombed the shit out of the town these past few days.