Sunday, December 18, 2016

Jordan: Terrorist attack leaves 10 dead, 29 injured.

(Amman)  In yet another example of the intolerance of the so called religion of peace. Gunmen went on a killing spree inside Jordan on Sunday, simply because they could.

The day’s events started when a Jordanian police patrol was called to a report of a house fire in the town of Qatraneh, on arriving outside the house, on their arrival they were met by a fusillade of bullets which injured 2 policemen. 23 miles away in the city of Karak gunmen opened fire on the Police outpost situated outside Al-Karak castle (A popular tourist destination)  at the first incident the gunmen did a runner in a car, at the second, the 6 to 8 gunmen retreated into the grounds of the castle, where they made their stand and simply shot at anything that moved. Also in Karak city gunmen opened fire on a police patrol, but failed to hit anything.

The police quickly surrounded the castle and last evening sent in the army who quickly put an end to the situation by killing 4 gunmen. However before doing so, 7 policemen, and 3 civilians were killed. One of the civilians has been confirmed as a Canadian woman.