Wednesday, December 14, 2016

US: Muslim student who claimed she was attacked by 3 Trump supporters admits to lying

When 18-year-old Muslim Yasmin Seweid said that three white, drunk men targeted her in the subway, said racial slurs and tried to pull her hijab off her head, the liberal (and Islamic) world went into a meltdown over how since Trump won, Islamophoia had gone out of the window and Muslims were scared to step out of the door.

CAIR, that well known defender of Hamas, took to Facebook in which to claim this is why they are offering Islamic women self-defence lessons:

However, after police could not find any witnesses or video evidence to back up the alleged incident on 1 December, and reportedly gave Ms Seweid multiple occasions to change her story, she went missing and the liberal (and Islamic) world went into a meltdown over how she had disappeared.

Well, she was found safe at a friend's house a few hours later and, guess what, she has admitted she made the whole "3 drunken white men attack" story up. Yup, apparently, she was having issues at home, (Her family objected to her Catholic boyfriend)  she painted the picture of intolerant white people in which to play the victim card. The NYPD (unlike the British Met) have charged Ms Seweid with obstruction and falsely reporting an incident, two misdemeanours which could land her behind bars for up to a year. Meanwhile, the outgoing Commander-in-Chief has this to say on the subject:

Here's something that CAIR and Obama aren't telling you:
Rise in Islamophobia my arse.