Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Liberals, this is what Christmas is all about

(US) The liberals out there are hell-bent for leather in which to destroy the spirit of Christmas. Because of these so called faux ethical lattes drinkers we are told to respect the mores of different cultures whilst being reprimanded for celebrating our own. I am told to wish Muslims Happy Ramadam whilst being told to wish somebody a Happy Holiday instead of Merry Christmas. These left-wing arseholes suck the air out of any room they walk into and then they have the f-ing cheek to bitch about the noise you are making as you gasp for air. Christmas is a time for family, for giving and for being nice to our fellow man.

You know, like when pop star Taylor Swift travelled all the way down to New Madrid in Missouri on Boxing Day in which to brighten up the day of 96-year-old Cyrus Porter who had mentioned to a TV station that he have taken his daughters and granddaughters to a Taylor Swift concert earlier on in the year.