Monday, December 19, 2016

Australia: Muslim woman claims to have been attacked with a bottle.

(Perth) A strange story is emerging from Australia. A Muslim woman claims she was assaulted by a thug who ended up bottling her.

Whilst out shopping at around 2030hrs  at Beeliar Village shopping complex, a man had wished the woman a Merry Christmas, to which she replied “Happy holidays.”
The man then reportedly said “No, Merry Christmas”, at which point the woman said “Yeah, OK, Merry Christmas”, before he replied with “Yeah, that’s right you f****** Muslim.” the man then threw a bottle at her which smashed on the back her head  after she challenged him for what she had been called. The woman’s headscarf came off during a scuffle, before the man ran off with it and dumped it near the shopping complex.

Now, this is where it gets strange, the woman claimed she called the police as she was following the man, yet according to the local paper she was also running away from him at the same time. She claimed to have rung the police, waited an hour for the police to turn up and when they didn't she rang them again , where they stated they had no record of having received a call from her and that they wouldn't be able to get to her until the next morning. She then registered her complaint with Islamophobia Register Australia.  Whose President, Mariam Veiszadeh, exclaimed it was one of the "worst attacks" she had heard of. The Police did visit the women at her home Friday evening.
Police are investigating the assault and are appealing for anyone with information about the incident The man is described as light skinned, 25-35 years old, 175-180 centimetres tall and slim build. He is believed to have short blonde hair and was wearing blue shorts and a white top.