Friday, December 2, 2016

US: Assistant director of residence life at Ohio State demands students share compassion for ISIS wannabe

(Ohio State University) Stephanie Clemons Thompson, assistant director of residence life at Ohio State.

And the award for the most stupid person at Ohio state goes to....
You know, that university where just the other day a Somali immigrant, given a new life in the US, decided to ram his car into a load of people and attacked them with a knife. Unfortunately for Abdul, there was a policeman just around the corner and he slotted the IS wannabe with a 9mm round (or two).

Well, Thompson has taken umbrage at how students have expressed their thanks at how quickly Abdul Razak Ali Artan was taken out and thus many lives were saved. So she took to Facebook in which to try and shame those people who did. Unfortunately for this ethical latte drinker, people have instead taken issue with her left-wing stance, including her adding the tag #BlackLivesMatter to the shooting of an armed thug intent on murder. The thing is, this silly moo knew exactly what she was doing by inserting "DO NOT SHARE THIS POST" in which to try and keep her rabid post in-house.

There appears to be quite a movement in which to show this silly person the error of her ways.