Monday, December 19, 2016

Germany: Bulgarian thug who attacked woman is arrested

(Berlin) At the start of the month Germany was shocked at a video of an assault on a woman which was captured on video where she was kicked in the back down a flight of stairs by a prick. The woman who doesn't want to be named sustained a broken arm.

The wanker was revealed to be a Roma from Bulgaria 27 year old Svetoslav Stoykov, a married father of three children, from Varna in Bulgaria. Police there have said he has a criminal record for robbery, theft and hooliganism. In Berlin he held down jobs in a restaurant and on a building site.

Well with the temperature in Berlin being a little hot around the collar Stoykov buggered off to stay with family in the South of France until things cooled down. Feeling that the temperature had cooled down enough to return he and his family boarded a bus in France in which to return to Germany for the festive season. Whilst on the Bus he complained to the bus driver about the noise a fellow passenger was making, who recognised him and informed the police in Berlin of his carriage of Stoykov to Berlin. Which is why when the bus stopped at Berlin, the old Bill were waiting to arrest this piece of crap.

Police are looking at treating the above assault as attempted murder. Lets hope they throw away the key.