Sunday, December 18, 2016

UK: Socialist Member of Parliament refuses to say if she’ll swear loyalty to the Country and Queen.

(UK) Yesterday the British Government issued new guidelines for the people who work within the Government . Civil servants and other holders of public office should swear an oath to British values. Communities Secretary Sajid Javid on writing in the Tims stated:

Said people could not play a "positive role" in public life unless they accepted basic values .These included democracy, equality and freedom of speech. 
This has come about after a Government report by which warns of increasing ethnic segregation.
Sajid Javid  proposals would mean every new recruit in the public sector, including councillors, school governors and civil servants would be expected to commit to the oath.

Well, that is something of a conundrum for the official British parliamentary opposition (The Socialist Labour party) as they not only pledge intelligence to the Red flag, but to Russia,Iran, Venezuela and Cuba also. To these so called champions of human equality pledging an oath of allegiance to British values would be deemed as a human rights crime. Which today put Labours Shadow Home Secretary 'Dianne Abbott' in a pickle when she refused to answer if she would swear the oath. 

The one thing about the likes of Abbott is how they have shown time and time again to be ...hypocrites

1) Whilst campaigning to abolish private and grammars schools from the land, sent her own son to a ...Private school. (When asked why she replied '"West Indian mums will go to the wall for theirchildren.")

2) Whilst a so called champion against 'Racism'  she has revealed she is what she claims to hate the most..A bigoted racist

3) Whilst Labour was in power (1997-2010)  they bankrupt the country , whilst they insisted that everybody else tighten their belts, it was revealed that Labour MPs had no problem dipping into the public purse in which to claim expenses. Abbott who lives a few miles from Parliment, claimed £192.60 on one taxi fare