Thursday, December 15, 2016

France: Child refugees on partial hunger strike in which to demand access to the UK

(Calais) 12 teenage migrants living in France have gone on a partial hunger strike in which to play the sympathy card with the ethical latte crowd in the UK so as to be allowed to relocate to the UK. The youths have decided to stage the protest after they read in British and French newspapers that the process of reuniting refugee children with family members in the UK had ended.

So they are refusing to eat breakfast, lunch or dinner, have refused medical care and are refusing to go to the French and English language classes laid on for them.

Expect a huge protest from the limp-wristed brigade demanding we take in these poor children who have no future in France. Funny enough, that France which is in the vastly morally superior EU which the nasty racist Brits voted to leave.

The thing here is, the last time the UK took in a load of child migrants, they all looked older than 25.