Saturday, December 17, 2016

UK: Liberals up in arms again over so called child migrants

(UK) It was revealed last night that the UK has rejected the applications of around 800 so called child migrants/asylum seekers currently in France. Well, that decision has caused something of a shitstorm with the liberal do-gooders who have instantly started berating the British Government as evil because they don't care about children seeking sanctuary. Toufique Hossain, the director of public law at the UK-based Duncan Lewis solicitors, who is representing a large number of asylum seeker children dispersed across France, said he and his team had received reports on Friday from more than 12 children they are representing, all of whom are at different centres.
“From the reports we have received it seems as if this is an organised operation between the Home Office and the French authorities. The children have been told verbally that their asylum claims have not succeeded, but they have not been given any reasons why in writing. This is absolutely shocking. The children are very upset These children are very vulnerable. They have just been told verbally that they can’t come to England without an appropriate adult present to help them deal with this news. We are now looking to see what we can do legally to challenge the fact that the Home Office have failed to provide us with written reasons why they have rejected the children’s asylum claims.”
Then, in which to try and reinforce the view that Europe is an inhospitable place to be, they come out with a sob story such as this:
“I was in Calais for two months and have been in this centre for more than one month. There are 14 of us here who have received this bad news. The British government and the Home Office have been playing games with us. It has always been my dream to come to the UK because I love hearing British accents. Whenever I hear a British accent I feel happy so I think if I can come to the UK and hear British accents all the time I will be happy for the rest of my life. If I can come to the UK I want to study to be a doctor so I can help people. And I love Manchester City and One Direction and can see them if I reach the UK.”
So in a nutshell, we have children under care in France, who aren't happy to be in France and instead wish to relocate to the UK, who are supported by a bunch of tofu eaters, who substantiate their stance that living in France is dangerous for so called children (the same people who are calling the British racist and little Englanders for wishing to leave the so called EU of which France is a senior member).