Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Turkey: Erdoğan says US-led coalition fails to help Turkey, whilst also claiming the US supports ISIS

(Ankara) A week after the Turkish adventure inside Syria saw the biggest loss of Turkish troops to ISIS and a day after the presidential spokesperson Ibrahim Kalın said that it was unacceptable that the international coalition was refusing to give any air support to the al-Bab ISIS operation, whilst at the same time asking for US support on the Al Bab front. The Turkish pocket dictator, taking time out from locking up a cafe owner who said he would refuse to serve him a cup of tea, has today opined that he has hard evidence that the US has been supporting ISIS.

The funny thing here is, only a few months ago, the Turkish media (as well as Turkish opposition MPs) were reporting how injured ISIS terrorists were getting free treatment in Turkish hospitals.

Like all pocket dictators, it appears that Erdoğan has lost the plot.