Saturday, December 24, 2016

UK: After German Xmas market attack, British police lay on extra patrols to protect... Muslims

(Bristol) After the attack on a Christmas market in Berlin this week, security has been stepped up across Europe in which to protect Christmas shoppers from indiscriminate attacks by Muslims. Yes, that's right, Muslims who feel that murder,death,kill is preferable to celebrating the birth of Christ, someone who can be found in the Koran and Muslims are taught to revere.

This is also on top on numerous arrests across the world where pious Muslims have been picked up prior to carrying out attacks on Christmas shoppers:

Germany (yes, Germany, again)

Well, with the above threat taken seriously by the the vast majority of the world's police forces, the police force in the south west of Great Britain sees things a little differently and they have deployed extra patrols in which to protect... Muslims. Yes, you heard that right. British police are deploying extra patrols in which to defend Muslims in the Bristol area from funny looks.

As you may have gathered, this hasn't gone down well with the population of Bristol. It's a pity the Bristol police didn't lay on extra patrols to catch these pious religious rapists or even these. Kind of explains why 7 policemen are currently being investigated for failing to do their job regards Islamic rape gangs in Bristol.

Oh, and by the way, as a Brown skinned person, I've experienced no abuse, not even at a Christmas market we visited yesterday.