Thursday, December 8, 2016

UK: Man opens shop called 'Really British' in leafy London suburb, liberals brand him a racist

(Muswell Hill) When Chris Ostwald hit on the idea of a shop which promoted Great Britain, he presumed he would be onto a good thing. However, since he opened a week ago, he has received a barrage of complaints from numerous ethical latte type idiots who have threatened to stage boycotts and organise protests over his goods which all celebrate the UK.

Yet the people complaining aren't black, brown or yellow, they are white British Liberals. In fact, one of his staff (Spanish female) has left due to the abuse she has received from the ethical latte crowd who object to anything sporting the British flag. Which is why Mr Ostwald has been forced to remove the Union flag from his store.

Is just shows how after years of political correctness our very British culture is deemed to be offensive. Maybe there lies the reason why so many people voted to leave the EU, as it was the first chance they had in which to stick two fingers up at the political elites who have no loyalty to the people (and country) they claim to represent.