Saturday, December 17, 2016

Turkey: Suicide bomb attack kills 13 and injures 56

(Kayseri) A bus carrying soldiers to a market was targeted by a suicide bomber, resulting in the deaths of 13 people and injuring 46 others. No group has yet admitted liability, but the Turks have pointed the finger of blame at the Kurds, whilst ignoring the fact that ISIS, which has a fairly strong power base in the region, is currently under attack from the Turks.

Whilst I say attack, the Turks launched their current adventure into Syria in which to try and stop the Eastern and Western Kurdish enclaves from meeting up and thus forming the basis of a future contiguous (Syrian) Kurdistan.

For some strange reason, the Turks have no wish to allow the sizeable Kurdish minority from forming their own state. This is from a country which supports independence abroad for Gaza, Kosovo and 20 years ago Bosnia, but not for people next door to Turkey.