Thursday, December 1, 2016

Syria: 4-Way Battle Ground

(Syria) To the north of Syria, a 4-way battle is currently taking place between Syria, the Kurds, the Turks and ISIS. The Kurds (yellow) would like to unify their respective areas. The Turks and their minions (green) don't want the Kurds to have their own homeland, so they invaded Syria on the pretext of defending Turkey in which to do just that. ISIS, well, they are simply ISIS (black) and are currently on the backfoot and will fight anybody, including themselves. That leaves Syria (reddish orange) which just wants its country back without other state actors having a say on the matter (that said, they have been using the Kurds to do their work for them in the north).

Mind you, the Turkish Pocket Dictator Erdogan...

... has now stated that he sent his troops into Syria in which to topple Assad. Which is strange as he is currently purging the Turkish military of anybody whose face doesn't fit. Moscow has asked the Nazi fan to explain himself:
"It is a very serious statement and one which differs from previous ones and with our understanding of the situation. We hope that our Turkish partners will provide us with some kind of explanation about this."