Thursday, April 2, 2015

Terrorist attack on Kenyan University: 147 confirmed murdered

(Garissa) In yet another example of the murderous intolerance expressed by followers of Allah in Africa. Muslims (Yes Muslims) launched a murderous  attack on Garissa University College., situated in the north of the country near the Somali border.

At around 5am local time Al Shabaab (Somalian Terrorist group) gunmen attacked Garissa Unversity college The college which houses approx 815 students and 60 members of staff.) in which to take revenge on the Kenyans for having the audacity to fight back against the Islamic terrorist group over how its murderous adventures started crossing the border. 

Anyway they entered the campus, they targeted a Christian service and after robbing their poor victims of their lives, they proceeded to the student accommodation, where they separated the Muslims from the Non-Muslims and then murdered those who didn't follow...'Allah.

As it stands around 500 people have been accounted for, unfortunately over 147 people have been murdered in cold blood with another 79 reported as injured (Reports have come in that Students have been beheaded)

Kenyan troops patrol outside Garissa College 
It seems that with a lack of funding and recruits (Islamic jihadists are more enamoured with ISIS at the mo) Al Shabaab have hit on the idea of causing eruptions  inside Kenya between its Muslim and Non-Muslim population. Lets be honest , Muslims will get attacked and some will join Al Shabaab because of this.  Its a shame as if people refuse to retaliate, the Islamic terrorists will simply continue until they do, and if they do, then the Islamic world (And their sycophants)  will play the victim card. Currently Amnesty International is blaming the Kenyan government;
Citizens and public servants in the north have repeatedly expressed fears about their vulnerability to al-Shabaab attacks which the Kenyan government has failed to appropriately address. Learning institutions are meant to be safe places for students and their teachers. Their protection must be fully guaranteed.
It is the government’s responsibility to guarantee the security of all its citizens, including those in the north – and to do everything legally in their power to prevent such attacks from taking place at all.
We urge the government of Kenya to act decisively and within the constitution and the law to ensure protection for those under or at risk of attack in Garissa and other areas of the north.”
The bBC is taking a different stance and is allowing the religious bigots who carried out this evil act, to crow from the top of the highest minaret about how they killed these innocent people:

What is it about Islam which doesn't allow it to live in peace and harmony with anybody else. (Including their own)