Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Obama's great foreign policy success is now "a humanitarian disaster"

Washington Post: Fighting in Yemen is creating a humanitarian crisis
BEIRUT — The fighting in Yemen threatens to cause widespread hunger and thirst and displace huge numbers of people, creating another humanitarian disaster in a region already reeling from the crisis in Syria, according to analysts and aid workers.

The impoverished Arabian Peninsula nation of 25 million people was struggling with alarming malnutrition levels even before an offensive by Shiite rebels, called Houthis, prompted a military intervention last month by a coalition led by Saudi Arabia.

Now, the Saudi-led coalition’s airstrikes as well as the fighting at the country’s airports and seaports are impeding access to food and other supplies.

Now, look at it from a different angle - humanitarian disaster is a success of Obama's foreign policy.

Think about it for a moment.