Sunday, April 5, 2015

Rejected Pakistani murders his uncle's entire family

(Chaharsada) Gul Ahmad didn't take too well to how his request to marry his cousin was rejected by his uncle. So, backed up with a few of his blood thirsty mates, he went a knocking whilst sporting an AK-47 which he used to murder his uncle, his aunty, and his 8 cousins whilst they slept.

However, this is where it gets really stupid. It transpires that Gul Ahmad had murdered his own parents beforehand, his 2 brothers and his sister-in-law because they had rejected his uncle's request that he be given a plot of land so as to allow a little bit of inbreeding between families to take place.

Like a true follower of Islam, which keep on telling me they aren't scared of death, Gul has done a runner in which to escape justice. Expect him to turn up to the UK, demanding asylum in the near future.