Wednesday, April 1, 2015

American jihadist who moved to Yemen opines that the US have forgotten about him

(San'a) 31-year-old American Muslim Sharif Mobley decided in 2008, after becoming pious in his adoption of the Islamic faith, that he had enough of the USA and moved lock, stock and barrel to Yemen. He claims he went to learn, but exactly what we are not sure. Anyway, he started on an Arabic course at Al-Eman University in San’a which just happens to be run by Sheikh Abdul Majeed al-Zindani whom the US State Department deems as a "Specially Designated Global Terrorist". Then, for some strange reason, during a gunfight (where he was injured) he was picked up by the Yemeni secret service which also netted 11 Al Qaeda operatives, and since then he has apparently languished behind bars.

Straight away in prison he befriended the guards and asked for them to teach him Arabic and if he could pray with them. After asking to be unshackled whilst in the prison hospital so he could pray, he picked up a guard's gun and went on the rampage, killing 1 and injuring many. So it’s not hard to see what kind of ideology this man subscribes to.

Anyway, it transpires that Mobley isn’t happy at being in prison while war rages across Yemen, so he’s been on the phone on a daily basis for the past fortnight in which to express the view that as he is an American citizen, the US must go out of its way in which to rescue him. Oh, by the way, he also opined about not having clean drinking water.

My heart bleeds.

Oh, did I mention he was pally with another American who buggered off to Yemen? An American, I should add, who was taken out with a drone strike just over 10 years to the day of 9/11.