Thursday, April 2, 2015

Jordan closes border with Syria after jihadists capture border post

(Amman) The Jordanian Government has closed Nasib border crossing between Jordan and Syria after it was captured by elements of Free Syrian Army (FSA), the Al Qaeda-linked Jabat Al Nusra and another rebel faction, the Southern Front. The crossing is on the major artery between the two countries.

In response, Jordan has beefed up security, whilst the Syrian government is using the airforce to reduce the crossing point to a dust. The various terrorist groups which now control the customs post have used twitter in which to post selfies:

Funny enough, while searching for the above, I came across this ISIS video (clean) posted last week regarding an armoured convoy in Syria.

Some armoured convoy, a T-72, a T-55 and a ZSU 23-4 followed by a load of technicals. BTW, it's not a good idea to straddle any tank outfitted with reactive armour. Where's a bloody A-10 when you want one?