Friday, April 17, 2015

US approves arms sales to Pakistan, including 15 gunships and 1,000 Hellfire missiles

(Washington) In an attempt to hand over yet more military secrets to China, the Obama administration has approved the sale of the latest iteration of the Huey Cobra, Bell AH-1Z Viper. Taking no notice of how far the Pakistani government has got into bed with the Chinese, the Obama administration feels that the country which has handed over US state secrets to China can be trusted to keep the latest technology away from the Chinese.

For those of you who don’t know, Pakistan is in the market for new helicopter gunships to replace the Vietnam era Huey cobras it currently uses. With that in mind, it initially asked for the AH-64-D Apache gunships but was sent packing by the US. They in turn signed a deal with Russia to furnish it with the Hind, but in a surprise move, China gifted it with 3 of its latest WZ-10 gunships, as used by the Chinese, with an option to purchase 20 at mates rates.

Well, not content with the Chinese stealing as much US military tech during Obama's watch, his Democrat idiots have hit on the idea of trying to woo the Pakistanis with selling them the latest AH-1Z, complete with 1,000 Hellfire missiles and the TopOwl helmet system which allows the pilot to kill anything just by looking at it. Then there’s the electronic, such as the IFF system, the missile warning system, the communications system, as currently in use by the Marines. But it gets better, the one thing the Chinese really are trying to steal is engine technology, and they are willing to hand over a couple of spare ones, which anybody with a single brain cell would quickly work out would end up in China. But hey, not content with running down the US military, it appears the Muslim-in-chief wants to ensure that his attempts to downgrade the US military haven’t happened fast enough and that the Chinese must be given actual physical examples of US military hardware in which to help them on their way.

Carter has nothing on Obama.