Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Israel completes big brother to Iron Dome - David's Sling - Tests

Since its birth, Israel has faced an actual threat of extinction from its neighbours. However, after the Arabs lost big style for the 3rd time in 1973, they realised that strong-arming Israel was out of the question and thus they took a leaf out of the Russian book of warfare and spent a lot of money on missiles, in which to strike Israel at a very low cost to themselves. As we have seen, the number and sizes of missiles launched into Israel have only got bigger and bigger.

The uses of missiles by Israel's enemies is a win-win solution for them. They proclaim themselves as victorious every time they strike Israel. Add the fact that due to the Israeli civil defence program, which results in very low casualties and how any reprisal by Israel is instantly demonised by the West and you can see how this is a win-win result for the state sponsored terrorists.

Well, Israel took note of this and after ensuring that the population was safe, bunkers, first aid and such, they decided to address the situation, unlike the Arabs, they know only too well that a full blown invasion with mass casualties is a no-no, especially when the world is informed that the terrorists are merely launching homemade rockets which cause few casualties. So they looked at mitigating the destructive effects of all these missiles.

First off the shelf was:

Arrow, an anti-ballistic missile system designed to shoot down Scuds and the like which the neighbours, especially Hezb-allah, has a load of. Arrow became operational in 2000 and is currently on its 3rd iteration.

Trophy, designed to stop missiles from hitting Israel’s main battle tanks. It became operational in 2010 and made its combat debut in 2011 when it stopped a missile from hitting a tank. Here is a video from Hamas which shows the system at work.

This was followed by Iron Dome which is designed to stop short range missiles. First deployed in 2011, it is a qualified battle proven success.

So, with long range, short range and vehicle missile protection in place, all that is missing is the mid-range defence. Enter David's Sling, which the other day passed yet another missile take down test. The target missile is the one carried and deployed by the F-15I and the video below shows it being taken out by the stunner missile.

What all this means is that not only will this give the defending Israelis time to think before retaliating, but in mitigating the means by which Islamic terrorists prefer in which to strike the Jews, they have lost their so called flag of victory (but then, just staying alive against the Israelis is now deemed a victory). Expect a letter of protest from the UN, the bBC and the Scottish Government at how the Jews are defending themselves.