Saturday, April 18, 2015

UN blames Britain for the reason illegal immigrants are dying in the Mediterranean

(Italy) Because so many people were sailing across the Mediterranean sea in which to find a new taxpayer funded life in Europe, the EU last year voted to curtail its rescue missions off the coast of Africa (yes, off the coast of Africa) to just 30 miles of the coast of Europe. Well, the people of Africa are still sailing across and unfortunately people are drowning. And the liberals are up in arms over how the EU is allowing people to drown off the coast of… Africa.

So much so that Laurens Jolles, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) representative in Italy, has berated Europe for its lack of action in accepting willy-nilly hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants (not including the poor people from Syria) who just want a chance of a better life. But like all liberals, he’s taken the easy option by attacking Italy (where all the immigrants rescued land) and the UK. Err, hello, the UK is one country out of 28, yet as always, the ethical latte drinkers feel that by attacking the UK they will somehow galvanise the rest of Europe to do their bidding. And Jolles berated the anti-immigrant lobby in the UK (which strangely for all its evilness failed to get a Taliban murderer deported back to Afghanistan due to his human rights) and then berated the UK for not doing enough to protect these poor people sailing across the Med looking for a new life:
“The fact that the UK has made it clear that it does not wish to participate in contributing measures to a rescue operation, or putting in place a rescue operation in the Mediterranean, is very concerning.”
Let's see. The UN, which has failed in everything it has tried to sort out, berates a country for not sending a fleet of ships thousands of miles in which to sort out yet another mess it hasn’t been able to resolve.

Another boat has gone down while trying to carry over 700 people to a new life in Europe.