Tuesday, April 14, 2015

New York cabbie Mohammed fined $15,000 for abusing 2 lesbians

(New York) Mohammed Dahbi, a yellow cab driver in New York City, wasn’t impressed when same sex partners Christy Spitzer and Kassie Thornton got into the back of his cab with their pet pooch. So much so he abused them with foul language (bitches, c*nts and whores) before they decided to get out of the taxi without paying.

The incident occurred on September 18, 2011, after Spitzer and her dog climbed into Dahbi’s cab and proceeded to pick up Thornton. When they arrived, Thornton, who had been travelling, put her luggage in the taxi’s trunk, and Dahbi began driving them to Thornton’s home in Sunset Park. The women testified in court that the cab driver told them to stop kissing and “save that behaviour for the bedroom.”

Dhabi during the hearing claimed that he couldn’t keep his eyes on the road and was distracted because Spitzer and Thornton were kissing “heavily” and “touching all over each other.” Dahbi further told the judge that he found their behaviour “distracting” and feared it would make him have an accident.

Yeah, so offended was Mohammed, he couldn’t keep his eyes off the couple. Anyway, for his bigoted attitude he was ordered to pay the couple $10,000, pay a fine of $5,000 and attend anti-discrimination training.

You know what, the more bigoted religious idiots who are hit with fines like the above isn’t a day too soon for me. Everybody is equal and we all bleed when cut. Just because you subscribe to a polarised faith, doesn't give you the right to abuse anybody.

Mind you, I did like how Mohammed, who was so offended by the sight of two girls together, couldn't keep his eyes off of them.