Sunday, April 19, 2015

British Muslim family of six, including four toddlers, goes on jihad trip to Syria

The Independent: British Muslim father feared to be travelling to Syria with family is a 'champion for shariah' law

I wonder what the mother of his 4 children thinks about his quest for virgins.
A British Muslim father feared to be travelling to Syria with his young family is a “champion for shariah” law who used to be a member of the banned extremist group al-Mujahiroun, it has been claimed.

Asif Malik, 31, his partner Sara Kiran, 29, and their four children have not been seen for almost two weeks. The family, from Slough in Berkshire, left without mentioning any holiday or travel plans to their friends or relatives, which police described as entirely out of character.

The group was seen boarding a ferry from Dover to Calais and are then believed to have travelled south through Europe by train. Thames Valley Police said they may be heading to Syria, where Islamic State (IS) is fighting to establish a Muslim caliphate.

Anjem Choudary, the radical Muslim cleric, has claimed that Mr Malik had formerly been a member of al-Mujahiroun and had remained “very influential in the community” since the group was banned five years ago.

“Back in the day he was a member until the group was banned. He was still part of our demonstrations and lectures but I hadn't seen him for a few months,” Choudary told the Daily Telegraph.

Describing Mr Malik as a “very good friend”, he continued: “He is a very studious man, a very good Muslim character. He was always a champion for shariah and is very influential in the community.”