Wednesday, April 8, 2015

International criminal court states that it cannot prosecute ISIS

(Den Haag) The liberal world made a huge song and dance the other week over how the West Bank aka 'Palestine' had joined the International criminal court (ICC), and that in doing so the inhuman, evil, bigoted, racist, long nosed Jews who live next door in Israel would have to face up to the mass genocide carried out against the poor people of... 'Palestine'.
Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya
Yes, the supreme court of the land, when it comes to human rights violations, has apparently the power to make people face up to the crime they committed. Unless of course you are President Bashir of Sudan who, after becoming very angry about allegations of being behind the mass killings in Darfur (400,000 dead), which saw the leaders of Africa take his side (claiming it was a racist against blacks) then you find that the ICC is more than happy to drop your case and go for an easier target such as... Israel. Well, at the same time as dropping the case against Sudan, the ICC dropped the case against President Kenyatta of Kenya. So, as you can see, the creditability of the ICC has been severely dented.

President Bashir of Sudan

Well, today that dent became a car crash when Fatou Bensouda, the chief prosecutor for the ICC, stated that while ISIS has committed “crimes of unspeakable cruelty” in Syria and Iraq, they (the International Criminal Court (ICC)) do not have jurisdiction to open an inquiry. Excuse me, we have video evidence of innocent people being murdered in the most horrific manner, we know who these evil bastards are and yet the so called highest human rights court in the land says it can't do anything. You couldn't make this up even if you tried.

Meanwhile, the so called Palestinian state is fast-tracking a bid to have Israel prosecuted by the ICC. Got to laugh or what? Kill 400,000 people in Darfur or over 1,000 people in Kenya and with allegations of racism in the air see the ICC drop your case like a hot potato. Withhold tax money from a semi quasi state which owes you millions for water and electricity and the shit hits the fan. Why am I thinking of Kofi Annan all of a sudden?