Tuesday, April 7, 2015

UK based Syrian activist assassinated on streets of London in broad daylight

(London) The other week, I was invited to a dinner in London on Park Lane. I got off at Knightsbridge, as I needed to use an ATM, and then walked 5 minutes to the restaurant, and the thing I noticed was how like the Middle East the area had become, women covered from head to toe in black pushing prams walking alongside their western attired men folk. While money is still there, the fact remains - Knightsbridge in London looks like a bazaar.

Well, today, that transformation took another step when a Syrian activist based in London was found slumped behind the seat of his car with gunshot wounds to his chest. Yup, Syrian-born Abdul Hadi Arwani, the former imam at An-noor mosque, was discovered in his car in Wembley, north-west London, at around 11.15am after somebody carried out a professional hit job on the man.

Abdul Hadi Arwani
Don’t get me wrong, 1 death is 1 death too many to me. Yet as we have seen all over the world, idiots who subscribe to the tenants of the peaceful faith of Islam, who can only be victims in the UK, have no problem in bringing their baggage across with them with a hit job made on somebody who just happened to be on the other side of the political fence of somebody else.

The victim didn’t actually help himself by being involved in a violent protest outside the Syrian embassy 3 years ago. However, just like we see with any protest outside the Israeli embassy, these idiots (and not just Muslims, I must add) feel they have the divine right to turn it up a notch against anybody who doesn't subscribe to their political, religious and ideological mindset.

The police in the UK are f-ing useless. Instead of doing their job, they are too busy eating burgers, making a political statement by stitching up members of Parliament or shedding tears for poor little school children who have decided to relocate to Syria.. If they did their job, these idiots would know that violent protests are not acceptable in the UK, and if so, 6 children wouldn't be crying over the murder of their father.

What is it with these people and recreating the toxic atmosphere that they left behind in the West? An atmosphere which sees thousands getting killed in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, etc. And the worst part, the so called political elites let them do so. Only yesterday the current Government stated that if they get voted in, they will make that invented word ‘Islamphobia’ an official hate crime and Muslims will be afforded more protection in the UK.