Saturday, April 4, 2015

At least 185 dead, 1,282 wounded in battle for Yemen's Aden, 75% are civilians

And because this has nothing to do with Israel, there will be no protests anywhere in the world and no calls for investigation.

From AFP (excerpt):
At least 185 dead and 1,282 wounded from the fighting have been counted in hospitals in Aden since March 26, the city's health department director Al-Kheder Lassouar said.

Three-quarters were civilians, he added.

The toll does not include victims among the Huthi Shiite rebels and their allies who do not take their casualties to public hospitals, he said.

It also excludes victims of Saudi-led air raids that have been pounding rebel positions around the country since March 26 to try to prevent the fall of Hadi, who has fled to Riyadh, he added.